Cattle Operations

versatile working ranch horses

Our versatile quarter horses are born, raised, broken and trained on a working ranch.

Lazy Eight Ranches is primarily a stocker/feeder operation. We buy steers and heifers in the 400-500 pound range, pre-condition them, and grow them out on grass and wheat grazing to an average target weight of 750 pounds. When the target is reached we evaluate the condition of the cattle market and either sell them outright or take them to the feedlot to sell them at slaughter weight. Our carrying capacity depends on cooperation with mother nature. We focus on good land stewardship because it our life blood.

Tradition is important to us. We handle our cattle horseback. During the pre-conditioning phase cattle are doctored in the pasture with a solid Lazy Eight quarter horse holding them at the end of a rope while a dependable Lazy Eight cowboy administers the medicine at the other end. Our horses are also used to move cattle, sort cattle and check cattle in the pasture.

Currently, the Lazy Eight runs 4000-5000 head annually. During the growing process, we have the ability to provide cattle for some cutting horse shows and stock horse contests. Zac will be happy to visit with you if you need cattle for your cow horse event.

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