Quarter Horses

Ranching Heritage Logo.ashxLazy Eight Ranches is an AQHA Ranching Heritage breeder. The Lazy Eight maintains a band of top quality cow horse mares that produce the ranch horses used daily in all phases of ranch work. Our stallion, Sun O Tenino  (Matlock), is used on the ranch when he is not breeding mares. He has won several “Top Ranch Horse” awards at ranch rodeos, and he has an awesome disposition. Lazy Eight Ranches breeds Matlock to a few outside mares each year. Contact us if you are interested in breeding one of your good mares to him.


2001 Red Dun Stallion
AQHA # 4113921

Our Horses are raised primarily for use on the ranch. All foals are branded with a lazy eight on the top of their left hip at weaning. Unless they are sold as yearlings, all fillies and geldings are started under saddle in the spring of their two year old year. The two year olds are used lightly to prowl cattle with the primary focus being to get them handling well. Their work load increases through the three year old year. By the time they are four, lazy eight horses are ready to go. We haul our mounts to ranch horse competitions and ranch rodeos during the year, but they earn their keep being used at home. Throughout the training process we keep our eyes open for those exceptional individuals that may end up in the hands of a professional trainer to prepare for a cutting or working cow horse futurity. We usually have some yearlings and started colts for sale. Occasionally, we will offer a finished using horse for sale as well. Call us to see what we’ve got available.


Earning his keep


Catching some rays


Lazy Eight yearlings grazing and growing


Zac teaching a two year old how to move out

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